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A: Bury Local Care Organisation is a formal alliance of organisations with the aim of improving population health and wellbeing with changes to health and care services.

It was formerly launched on 1 April 2019.

The organisation includes Bury Council, Bury GP Federation, BARDOC; Bury Voluntary, Community and Faith Alliance, Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trusts), Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and Persona Care and Support Ltd.

It also works closely with NHS Bury CCG which, with the Council, forms what is known as the One Commissioning Organisation (OCO).

A: Bury Local Care Organisation will work as one joined-up team rather than separate organisations, leading to more coordinated help and support, getting the best value for public money.

The organisation will be responsible for the majority of health and care services provided outside hospital, with a team of around 600 staff, including district nurses, social workers, health workers and therapists, and an operating budget of £27m for 2019/20.

A key aim of the group is to focus health and care services in the home and the community, with hospital or care homes only being used for those whose needs cannot be met elsewhere.

There is also a big focus on tailoring services for different areas of Bury which have different levels and types of demands, as well as encouraging people to have healthy lifestyles. For example, Prestwich has a high proportion of older people and so we are carrying out more strength and balance training here to help reduce the number of injuries caused by falls.

More details of how health and care services are changing can be found in a document called the ‘Locality Plan’.

A: The borough has been divided into five areas and an ‘integrated neighbourhood team’ will work in each area.

These teams are made-up of health workers, social workers and therapists, as well as people from the Voluntary, Community and Faith Alliance. Previously, these individual teams would have worked on their own, but they are now sitting together, in offices in their communities, working together to support and treat the people of Bury.

The care people receive should be more coordinated, so they don’t need to explain the same story twice to numerous people, it should be based around what is important to the individual, and it should be conveniently delivered either at their home, or nearby, rather than in hospital.

A: Please see the ‘Get Involved’ webpage, where you can register your interest. We are still formulating how the public will be able to get involved with this new organisation and will contact you with opportunities once we have decided what is the best way to involve people.

Also, we will be running surveys and inviting feedback on our health and care services via our webpage on the One Community website.

Follow-us on Twitter - @burylco – to be kept updated on our latest surveys.

Finally, we sometimes work with Healthwatch Bury to ask people what they think about the care they receive.

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