Our Vision

The way we work involves empowering people to be innovative and to do things differently - all within a culture of honesty, openness and transparency.

'the 5 Ps'

We have created ‘the 5Ps’ – principles which will drive how we work in the health and care sector in Bury and which are being adopted by our partners.

1. Purpose

We will all work towards our clear purpose of improving the health and wellbeing of the population of Bury, though our collective workforce, irrespective of organisational boundaries.

We will engage our population, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

We will work to keep our services safe, effective and efficient, maximizing the use of public money, and aiming to ensure that the people of Bury have positive experiences of health and social care.

2. Positivity

We will focus on the solution and opportunity of any situation, and create a 'we can' culture. We will create opportunities to cultivate the positivity of our staff, by producing opportunities to enable our staff to improve their own health and wellbeing.

We recognise that unless our team looks after itself, and remains positive and resilient, it is difficult to care for our population effectively.

3. Powered by People

In the organisation, we will recognise the potential of all our staff and the population of Bury, to improve the health and wellbeing of the borough.

We will put in place workforce, development and talent management programmes, such as strength-based training, for our staff and our population, to increase skills and opportunities for our staff and our citizens. We want Bury to be a place where people choose to work and enjoy coming to work.

4. Possibility

We will focus on the art of the possible within the organisation. We will look at opportunities and suggestions through the lens of ‘anything is possible’. Through this approach, we will cultivate optimism, innovation and creativity throughout the organisation.

We will promote thinking and working differently. The organisation will be creative and innovative, and therefore will try some new ideas that may not be successful.

We will develop a reflective, evaluative and learning culture across the organisation learning from any failures. If we aren’t failing, we aren’t trying. This approach will not compromise patient and user safety.

5. Partnership

Making things happen through collaboration that would not otherwise have been possible.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and by working collaboratively we can enhance what we would otherwise not have been capable of.

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