Launch of new health and social care service marks a first for Bury

Given the choice, most people would prefer to get better at home, rather than in a hospital – and now, a new service from the Bury Local Care Organisation (Bury LCO) is set to make this happen for more patients.

For the first time in the borough, many patients who previously would have needed to be in hospital or a short stay facility, will be able to get healthier and stronger in their house as a team of professionals visits them to help their recovery.

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists and therapy instructors, as well as nurses, support workers, pharmacists and social workers will rally around to help them get back on their feet.

The aim of the service is to promote self-care and increase someone’s independence and confidence with daily living activities, enabling a person to continue to, or return to, living at home as safely and as well as possible. Research has shown that people are more likely to get better, faster at home, rather than in hospital.

Called ‘IMC at Home’ (IMC is an abbreviation for ‘intermediate care’, where someone is not ill enough to be in hospital, but not well enough to recover on their own at home), it will also relieve pressure on busy hospitals and short stay care facilities. People can receive the service for up to six weeks.

Fauve Syers, Bury LCO intermediate tier therapy lead, said: “IMC at Home is needed because many people don’t actually need to be admitted into a short stay facility or hospital, but they do require some health and social care support due to a change in their needs.

“IMC at Home will now enable many people to stay at home, but do so safely, as they will be supported by a variety of professionals who will work with them for a short period of time to improve their independence and safety to remain at home long term.”

The team will visit the person in their home and identify areas of need that the person is concerned about and wants to improve. Together they will agree goals that are important to the person, but also that the team know will improve independence, confidence and overall health and wellbeing.

Adrian Crook, assistant director for adult social care at Bury LCO, said: “By providing more support and care for people in their homes, we are doing the best thing for Bury residents and patients who would almost always prefer to recover at home.

“At the same time, this will ease the pressure at hospitals and care facilities, so that people who need a bed the most have access to one.”

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