Days left to help shape the future of Bury 2030!

What would the perfect Bury look like in 2030 for you and your family?

What could, and would, you do to help achieve this?

These are the big questions Bury Council – a Bury Local Care Organisation partner – is asking residents, business and community groups in a ‘Big Conversation’, aimed at influencing ambitious proposals for jobs, health, education and the environment for the next decade and beyond.

An online survey – click here – has been created, which runs until Monday, October 13, and a series of face-to-face meetings will be held across the borough for people to have their say in person.

People are urged to take ten minutes and fill out the online survey. The survey will include questions such as what you love about Bury and what could be improved and you can enter a prize draw to win £100.

It will also ask if you could play a role within the community to help get the improvements you want.

Cllr Tamoor Tariq, the first deputy leader of the Bury Council, said: “Our Bury Strategy is our promise to deliver the goals we agree. It brings together public, private, voluntary and community organisations who are committed to working even more closely towards a common vision – to help Bury’s residents access the opportunities they deserve and realise their aspirations.

“But public service reform can only be achieved by investing in communities and creating new relationships between our residents and public services. This strategy will set out how we will empower people and communities. We will have a different type of relationship where residents and businesses play their part too, against a backdrop of continuing reduction of public sector budgets and major changes created under devolution for Greater Manchester.”

The Bury Strategy will have three main themes:

Inclusive economy: We want Bury to become an inclusive economy leader where people and enterprise thrive because of regeneration, work and skills opportunities. Building on Greater Manchester’s Local Industrial Strategy, our plan will form a blueprint for good jobs, homes and economic growth for the whole borough.

Thriving communities:Building on the strengths of our people and community groups to tackle problems earlier. Our Locality Plan is the first step to help people stay well for longer, and reduce inequality across the borough.

A sustainable environment: Developing proposals to clean up our air, eradicate single-use plastics and ensure better transport connectivity is all part of our ambitious target to become carbon neutral by 2038, supporting Greater Manchester’s 5-Year Environment Plan.

Cllr Tariq added: “There’s lots to be proud of in Bury already, but we want to build on our achievements to ensure we can meet future challenges like climate change, housing affordability and demographic changes.

“We need to understand how people living, working and studying in Bury today, feel about the place and what their hopes for the future are.

“We’re all justifiably proud of Bury, and we all have a role to play in making Bury the place we want it be.”

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